Generic Ripple Boxed Water

Ripple Water Socials:

Generic Boxed Water

330ML / 500ML

Companies branding on one side with paper decal.

Min Order Quantity 10 Cases of 24

Our Box

  • 100% recyclable – paper manufacturers can use the long paper fibres to make new paper products
  • 61% renewable – our boxes are made with virgin paperboard sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Forest Stewardship Council® – certified board suppliers, which provide traceability and assurance that the board comes from responsibly-managed forests

Our Water

  • Packaged at source in the South African countryside
  • Manufactured to ISO 22000 standards
  • Halaal certified from SANHA
  •  8.2 pH level – the perfect balance to ensure you are quenching your thirst with the healthiest and purest option available